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At Pendoley Environmental, research and innovation are in our DNA. With a multi-disciplinary team of subject matter experts, trusted network of global conservation experts, and in-house Digital Horizon Imaging technology division, we’re continuously pushing new frontiers of environmental monitoring, management and compliance.

Pendoley Environmental has four key areas of specialist environmental advice and management expertise:

Marine Turtle Monitoring

Threatened by multiple human activities, marine turtles are internationally recognised as being of conservation concern. And with six of the world’s seven species of marine turtle occurring in Australian waters it’s little wonder they are protected under both state and federal legislation.

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Artificial Light Monitoring

Pendoley Environmental is at the forefront of artificial lighting assessments globally. Armed with subject matter experts, patented cutting edge technology, and decades of experience we’re best placed to help you identify problematic lighting and implement the changes needed to comply.

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Marine and Coastal Aerial Surveys

Pendoley Environmental’s aerial surveys provide rapid coverage of hard-to-access locations. Equipped with aircraft, UAVs and in-house pilots, we have the capacity to deliver the complete service at any time, from survey design to data acquisition and post-analysis.

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Oiled Wildlife Response

Oil spill incidents in Australian waters can occur anywhere, at any time and with no warning. Should this occur there is a high likelihood of threats to marine wildlife, attracting intense media and public scrutiny.

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