Artificial Light Monitoring

As the world realises the harmful environmental, ecological and human health impacts of artificial light pollution, many developments across Australia have been required to take action in efforts to mitigate and manage their industrial lighting.

How Pendoley Environmental can help

Pendoley Environmental is at the forefront of artificial lighting assessments globally. Armed with subject matter experts, patented cutting edge technology, and decades of experience we’re best placed to help you identify problematic lighting and implement the changes needed to comply.

We offer three specialist artificial light monitoring services:

Light Emission Monitoring

  • Demonstrate your lighting has not significantly increased ambient light levels over and above levels existing prior to development.
  • Manage installed lighting to mitigate light spill on projects located in close proximity to species or ecosystems sensitive to ambient lighting.

Quantifying light levels in a meaningful way is challenging. Recognising this, Pendoley Environmental has developed cutting edge Sky42™ technology in-house at our Digital Horizon Imaging division. Now recognised globally as a leading tool in artificial light measurement and management, Sky42™ offers a cost-effective way to capture and record biologically relevant light emissions.

Lighting Audit or Mitigation

  • Demonstrate that installed lighting is appropriate and compliant with lighting commitments.
  • Reduce lighting output and associated cost on your project effectively and without compromising stringent HES standards and employee safety.

With extensive experience managing lighting in industrial and urban settings, Pendoley Environmental’s experts can audit your facility lighting, measure lighting output and confirm that emitted wavelengths match manufacturer specifications. In the event we identify problematic lighting, we’ll provide advice on appropriate and effective measures that you can take to reduce your lighting output.

Potential Light Emission Modelling

  • Assess the ecological risk posed by project lighting in areas containing sensitive receptors.
  • Assess the environmental risk posed by additional project lighting for existing projects which plan to expand, or add infrastructure, in areas containing sensitive receptors.

Need to measure the potential risk of proposed lighting design to specific light-sensitive species such as marine turtles or wedge-tailed shearwaters? Our scientists can build a unique, project-specific light model to accurately and precisely represent the wavelengths, intensities and overall spatial visibility of your proposed lighting.